World Championship​​
Fiddlers Festival
81st Annual September 23, 2017
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World Championship Fiddlers Festival
The object of our contest is to PERPETUATE OLD-TIME TUNES AND THE OLD-FASHIONED way of entertaining .  This day, September 23, 2017, has been set aside by the Fiddlers Festival committee, with the cooperation of the Crockett Merchants, as a day of -- Fiddlin', Frolickin', Foolishness and FUN.    This year we are returning the Festival to its orginal location -- Downtown Crockett around the Houston County Courthouse Square.    There will be plenty of shade,  good food , arts & crafts as well as world class fiddlers and fiddle music!
                                                                                            Come join us in the fun!   
Raymond Cornelius of Crockett remembers… 
By Raymond E. Cornelius
Published in the Houston County Courier on Thursday, June 11, 1981

Many people have requested that I write about the starting of the old Fiddlers’ Festival.
One spring afternoon about 2:30 or 3, Baker Tunstall and I were standing in front of Millar and Berry’s store and Barker said to me that he thought we should start a fiddle band contest. About that time Homer Callaway walked up and we walked across the street to Terry van Pelt’s drug store to have a chocolate ice cream soda. Bill Keeland came in and joined us.  We continued talking about the fiddle contest. We elected Barker Tunstall president, myself secretary and treasurer, Homer Callaway first vice president, Bill Keeland vice president and Terry van Pelt director.  We made our plans to have the fiddle band contest on the public square starting at 10:30 on the courthouse steps.  Someone suggested we invite the prison band and the Goree girls, which we did.

The date was set for the second Friday in June each year. Barker Tunstall told me he knew all the good fiddlers in the state. To the best of my memory, that was in June 1937.  Hattie Belle Milburn gave us a big write-up in the Crockett Democrat. Mayor Jack Beasley, Sr., let us rope off the east side of the square. Barker Tunstall sent letters out to the fiddlers and judges for the contest.  We took up a collection for the next few weeks and raised about $350 for prizes and other expenses. That was a lot of money then.  I called my good friend Morris Frank to come and be Master of Ceremonies. He did and served several years.

The crowd grew bigger each year until the fiddler festival was moved to Davy Crockett Park in 1943. That year John Long and Bob Greene joined our committee. Hattie Bell Milburn and Harry Trube also helped.

The Junior Chamber of Commerce took over the annual fiddlers contest for several years. When most of our young men went off to war, the Junior Chamber of Commerce gave up the fiddle band festival.  The festival has grown to two days each year under the Beta Sigma Phi sorority. The sorority has continued to conduct a successful fiddlers contest for several years. May I take this opportunity to thank the Beta Sigma Phi sorority for their hard work and endeavor?

When the hotel burned June 10, 1972, I lost all of my scrap books and poems written by Baker Tunstall.
May I pray that the Fiddlers Festival go on for many years to come.

Brisket Sandwiches, Hamburgers, Sausage on a Stick, Nachos, Chips, Popcorn and Drinks

A very special thank you to the 2017 Fiddlers Festival Committee Members and Volunteers who have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this year's event!