World Championship
Fiddlers Festival
81st Annual September 23, 2017
The Date Has Been Set
The Date for the 2017 Fidders Festival has been set for September 23, 2017, the fourth Saturday in September! Same Times, Same Place!! 
Bigger and better than before!  The 81st Annual Fidders Festival! 
We hope to see you all there!!!
Remember!  Anyone wanting to perform in the festival, enter the contest, or sign up for a booth, contact us! Now! 
For any interest in having a booth at the Fiddlers Festival this year (2017) please contact Toni Browning at
Things I Remember
Back in the past, the 1940's , the "Fiddlers Contest" was held on the East side of the Courthouse.  The contestants played on the porch and the audience mostly stood on the East lawn.  I remember people standing, I dont think there were very many chairs.  As is nowdays, Fiddlers came from all over the country.  There were several bands.  One of the bands was Bob Greens Band with Hoyt Skidmore on the steel guitar.  Hoyt could make that thing talk.  He was my favorite.  A couple of the other bands were inmates from the prisons.  I don't remember if the men from the "Walls" had a name, but the women were "The Goree Girls," They were very good musicians.  The street on the East side of the square was roped off and after the contest was over, a street dance was held.  Can you imagine dancing on a street paved with red bricks?  These are my memories from my teen years.
-Bill Sharp
P.S.  The driving force behind it all was Mr. Barker Tunstall- Fiddler, piano tuner and a great entertainer. 

Our mission: 1936 - 2016 Celebrating 80 Years - The World Championship Fiddlers Festival has returning to the Davy Crockett Memorial Park where it was held many years ago. A group of citizens re-formed the association with the mission of keeping the tradition and music alive, and returning the festival to its original roots; as an old timey outdoor fiddlers festival

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2016 Fiddler Festival Judges! (L-R)
Dale Morris Sr. The World Champion Fiddler in 1967 from Boyd, Texas. He and his wife own a studio there and teaches fiddle.
Jim Chancellor aka Texas Shorty, who became the youngest ever World Champion in 1959 is also one of three judges.
Luke Price is a young two time winner of the National Championship. He teaches privately while serving as an Associate Professor at Lewis & Clark College.
Lets make these three judges welcome to the piney woods of East Texas and Crockett, Texas

2014 World Champion Fiddler

2015 World Champion Fiddler

2016 World Champion Fiddler

Wess Westmoreland III.  The 78th World Championship Fiddlers Festival winner.  Holding the WCFF Trophy.

Carl Hopkins holding the World Championship Trophy.  His name will be inscribed on it along with all who have won it over the 79 years the festival has been in existence.  His name has been enscribed on the trophy along with  the others who have won it over the 79 years.

World Championship Fiddlers Festival of Crockett, Texas
Bryan Jimmerson is one of my best friends and I'm so excited that you are all banding togather to get this contest back on track.  Crockett needed an infusion of enthusiasm and it appears you are all just what the contest needed.  My apologies for not updating the information sooner - I've been in touch with Bryan about it all along the way and dropped the ball on my part.  I'm fixing it now and will be more on top of it in the future.  Good luck with the event and hang in there - it'll take a year or two to get people back in the swing of things but I know Crockett can take back its place among some of thebest contest out there.
Cheers, Megan

Megan B. Lynch Chowning

Y'all do a wonderful work keeping alive this Crockett tradition which contributes to her uniqueness. I was happy to see life was breathed back into the event last year. It is a family tradition to attend the festival with my children each year. I consider it important that my children identify their heritage with Crockett. Certainly family roots do this, but events are just as important. The modern culture has a way of erasing a person's heritage. Keeping alive this tradition helps establish a cultural identity. Thank you.

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Free Admission, Arts & Crafts Booths Avaliable

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Hope To See You At The 81st Annual Festival Planning Underway!